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kangaroo in bush land

Community and Wellbeing

Native animals and pests

Our landscape is home to a large range of native animals which can occasionally create hazards on our roads, while pest species can pose a threat to agriculture, public safety and the environment.

Animals on our roads

Kangaroos, koalas, echidnas and emus on the roads are the most common concern in our area.

Wildlife is especially active around the areas of our roads that have roadside vegetation close by or are known wildlife crossing areas.

Additionally natural seasonal movements, food resources during summer and rainfall events can be a problem too, so take care to look for wildlife warning road signs.

Collision risks are higher at dusk and dawn when wildlife is most active throughout these landscapes.

If you do collide with an animal, you must stop to check on it.

It is an offence under the Animal Welfare Act (1985) to drive away and not inform an appropriate organisation about an injured animal.

Pest species

Pest species of animals can pose a threat to agriculture, public health and safety and the environment.

Landscape South Australia Northern and Yorke work with stakeholders and community to mediate the impact of pest animals in the local area.

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