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infrastructure plan consultation

Community and Wellbeing

New Infrastructure Asset Management Plan consultation

20 Jan. 2021

The community can have their say on a new strategic infrastructure blueprint released for consultation.

The Infrastructure Asset Management Plan sets out Council’s long-term investment in recreation, buildings, stormwater, bridges, transport, and community wastewater systems.

It also informs the community about service levels they can expect, to ensure Council and community expectations are aligned.

Mayor Bim Lange said the plan underpins Council’s decision-making over the next decade.

While infrastructure isn’t top of mind for most people, things like buildings, rec parks and transport networks are essential if you live or work in the Barossa

– Mayor Bim Lange

“Investing in this infrastructure is vital to our community’s health and wellbeing, and in turn, the community expects us to uphold certain service levels.

“That’s why we need to manage our assets in a way that’s financially sustainable, at an acceptable level of risk, to ensure we can meet future demand as our community grows and changes.”

People can have their say in writing or online here over a three-week period until 10 February 2021.

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