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Local Government is responsible for enforcing a range of legislation, some of which carry expiable offences to assist in protecting the community, the landscape, the local environment and amenity.

Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit (FERU)

If you have been issued an expiation notice and require a time extension or wish to pay in instalments, you may enter a payment arrangement through the State Government's Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit on 1800 659 538, emailing or visit Please note an additional fee will apply to enter into an arrangement.

Unpaid expiation notices will be referred to Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit for collection, any dispute or payment arrangement will need to arrange directly with FERU.

Paying an Expiation Notice

You can make a payment on or before the due date by any of the following options:

  • online
  • by phone on 8563 8444
  • in person at the Lyndoch, Angaston, or Mount Pleasant branches
  • by cheque or money order payable to The Barossa Council at PO Box 867, Nuriootpa SA 5355.

Request a review of an Expiation Notice

Before the due date of your expiation notice, you may request Council review the issuing of your expiation notice. All requests must be in writing.

You may have an expiation notice reviewed on the basis that:

  • you did not commit the offence on the notice
  • an expiation notice should not have been given with respect to the offence
  • you were not the owner or driver of the vehicle at the time of the alleged offence, in the case of motor vehicle-related offences
  • the expiation notice is defective
  • the alleged offence to which the notice relates is trifling.

Applicant / Owner Details

Residential address

If different from above

Postal address
5 characters left

For vehicle-related infringements only

I hereby request an informal review for the Expiation notice detailed above to be withdrawn on the following basis:

Provide a detailed written submission to support your request for a review

Please attach any relevant documents or evidence to support your request. If no documents are provided, the review officer may request further information or evidence from you.

To assess an application for a review, Council will require: 

  • your application must be in writing, stating the reasons for wanting the matter reviewed, the relevant circumstances which lead to the issuing of the expiation notice as well as any with supporting evidence.
  • evidence accepted and considered may include medical reports, detailed mechanical invoices or receipts, a letter from your doctor, social worker, or community service provider, photographs, and statements in support of your application.
  • in certain circumstances, a statutory declaration may be required to accompany the application for review.

What is Council’s process when I submit a review?

• Council’s Expiation Review Panel will assess your request and will provide a decision to you in writing.

• Council may request further information or evidence from you.

• Your infringement will be placed on hold pending the outcome of the review.

• Only one review will be considered.

• If you do not agree with council’s decision, refer to the back of your expiation notice for further options.

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