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Organisational culture

We aim to build a constructive organisational culture for our employees, where we support behaviours that will result in an efficient, effective, rewarding, ethical, and productive environment.

The philosophy of a constructive culture is reinforced throughout our policies. The culture of our organisation is measured periodically to diagnose areas, which need improvement and to celebrate and grow upon our strengths.

It is an expectation that our employees will participate in building a strong constructive culture in cooperation with each other. The constructive culture behaviours we value and practice are organised into four main styles:

4 organisation behaviour styles


Pursue a standard of excellence, set challenging but realistic goals and work towards them with enthusiasm.


Maintain personal integrity, enjoy work, develop themselves and take an interest in growth and improvement activities.

Humanistic and encouraging

Be supportive of others in and outside the workplace and constructive in their dealings with one another.


Be friendly, sensitive and cooperate with others.

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