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Building Fire Safety Committee

The Building Fire Safety Committee (BFSC) is composed of members of Council’s building team, Country Fire Service (CFS) and Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) personnel as well as an independent technical expert. This committee inspects existing commercial premises to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and our Building Fire Safety Policy. Where necessary, the BFSC requires the upgrade of existing buildings.

We provide a limited building inspection service in line with the Building Inspection Policy and the legislated requirements under the Development Act 1993. These inspections are highlighted on the Decision Notification Form issued with the development approval and generally includes the following stages of work:

Mandatory notifications for inspection

A person undertaking the building work that requires a development approval must give the council one business day notification of the following stages of work:

Swimming pools

  1. commencement of site work
  2. completion of construction of a swimming pool, (before the pool is filled with water)
  3. completion of construction of safety barriers, (before filling with water)


  1. commencement of site work
  2. completion of footing preparation before the pour
  3. completion of wall and roof framing
  4. completion of wet area, (before tiling)
  5. completion of building work for the purposes of Schedule 19A (S83AB) Statement of Compliance.

For verandas or other structures attached to the roof framing of house or commercial premises

  1. completion of roof framing where connected to the roof of a building of another classification.

Commercial buildings

If you fail to give Council notification at a mandatory stage, you are committing an offence and may be liable to pay an expiation fee of up to $500 or be liable to a maximum penalty of up to $10,000.

We do not provide pre-purchase building inspections. Pre-purchase inspections are available through external business providers.

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