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A deputation is an individual, or a group of up to three people, from the community who attend a council meeting to formally present an issue of concern, or an idea to the Elected Members.

The subject matter of the presentation must be within the power of council to consider, or is a matter that council is willing to advocate for.

The Local Government (Procedures at Meetings) Regulations 2013 governs how deputations may be conducted.

Deputation process

  1. at the allocated time within the meeting agenda you will be invited by the Mayor to sit at the council table
  2. you must state your name and the topic you have nominated, (your deputation is limited to the topic you have nominated)
  3. you will be allocated up to 10 minutes to speak at the council meeting and Elected Members may then ask you questions
  4. you are required to address the Elected Members formally by their title and surname, eg. Mayor Lange, Councillor Boothby, etc
  5. following your deputation you will be required to return to the gallery if you wish to view the remainder of the meeting – you will, however, not be permitted to take part in the debate, or ask questions during that time

Please note

A deputation will normally be part of a public agenda with the meeting accessible to the public. There are no legal rules which protect a speaker from defamation, so please be mindful of this during your deputation.

Presentations, and any other materials, should be sent to council officers by email at least 5 business days prior to the meeting. These materials may be publicly released as part of the council agenda and made accessible on council’s website.

Apply to make a Deputation

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Provide a brief summary of the topic you'd like to speak about

Provide a brief summary of why the topic is relevant to council

Provide a brief summary of what outcome you'd like to see from this specific Deputation

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