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A petition is a document with the names, signatures and addresses of a group of people who have a common issue of concern or idea to bring to council for consideration.

Petition guidelines

Petitions must be:

  1. legibly written, typed, or printed
  2. setout with the request or submission of the petitioners at the top of each page
  3. clear with the name of each person printed with their signature and address
  4. addressed to the council and delivered to our Nuriootpa office
  5. state the name and contact details of the head petitioner.

Please be aware that if your petition does not meet the above guidelines, it will not be deemed to be a petition. This means that council may receive the submission, but it may not be dealt with, or termed a petition.

You may use the Council Petition Template or create your own provided it meets the guidelines above.

Your petition will need to be submitted with a cover letter to the Chief Executive Officer by post, or email, or to council’s main office.

Please include the following details in the head of the petition:

  • name
  • address
  • contact details of head petitioner

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