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Road resealing and resheeting

We have adopted a Road Resealing and Resheeting Program 2020-21, where we have allocated designated road categories based on road function and safety. This allows the prioritisation of resources to ensure roads are effectively maintained and managed.

Please note: nominated roads may not be fully completed in 2020/21.

Road resealing

Our road resealing program includes areas in Angaston, Cockatoo Valley, Eden Valley, Light Pass, Lyndoch, Moculta, Mount Crawford, Nuriootpa, Stockwell, Tanunda, and Williamstown


Road resealed From To
Neldner Avenue Gramp Avenue Valley Road
Stockwell Road Angaston Road Vinpac Entrance (approx.)
Tyne Street Murray Street Cross Street
Tanunda Creek Road Trig Point Hill Road Stone Chimney Creek Road
Gawler Park Road 400m east of Moculta Road (approx.) unnamed road

Cockatoo Valley

Road resealed From To
Balmoral Road The Barracks Goldfields Road
Thomas Rise William Gilbert Avenue End of seal (270m)

Eden Valley

Road resealed From To
Matthews Road William Street End of seal (270m)

Light Pass

Road resealed From To
Willows Road Research Road End of seal (270m)


Road resealed From To
Hermann Thumm Drive Fuss Road Approx. 1km North
Jollytown Road Kings Cutting Road 50km/hr speed sign
Denholm Court Jollytown Road end
Conservation Park Road 178m from Barossa Valley Way End of seal (61.5m)


Road resealed From To
Hutton Vale Road Unsealed section Approx. 60m north of Gnadenberg Road

Mount Crawford

Road resealed From To
Forreston Road Dickers Road Ironstone Road


Road resealed From To
Fourth Street First Street Old Kapunda Road
Francis Street West Centenary Avenue Baird Street
Vine Street Old Kapunda Road Greenock Road
Traminer Way Hermitage Court Chardonnay Drive
Research Road Penrice Road 1km south of Penrice Road
Tolley Road Falkenberg Road Samuels Road
Jacobs Street No. 10 No. 16


Road resealed From To
Stockwell Road Ebenezer Road Prince Street


Road resealed From To
Bilyara Road Elizabeth Street Park Street
Edinburgh Avenue Murray Street Prince Charles Avenue
Jane Place Murray Street Maria Street
Prince Charles Avenue Edinburgh Avenue Coronation Avenue


Road resealed From To
South Terrace Old Bethal Road Wild Street
Springton Road High Eden Road Barossa Boundary Road
791m north of High Eden Road High Eden Road
Gower Road Approx. 63m from intersection Williamstown Road

Road resheeting

Our road resheeting program includes areas in Cromer, Eden Valley, Flaxman Valley, Kalbeeba, Lyndoch, Moculta, Mount Pleasant, Mount McKenzie, and Springton.

Please note: nominated roads may not be fully completed in 2020/21.


Road resheeted From To
Cromer Road Whites Boundary Road Peek Road
Altmann Road Cricks Mill Road Blackwood Road

Eden Valley

Road resheeted From To
High Eden Road Mt Adam Gates Boehm Springs Road
Burkes Hill Road Eden Valley Road Three Cols Road

Flaxman Valley

Road resheeted From To
C Rogers Road Hilsenitz Road R Seeligers Road


Road resheeted From To
Ann Milroy Lane Railway Terrace End of Road


Road resheeted From To
Gods Hill Road H#74 Krieg Road
Krieg Road Berryfield Road Burge Road
Menzel Road LH bend before H#80 RH bend past H#117
Menzel Road Top of hill End of road


Road resheeted From To
Shannon Road Truro Road Bastion Hill Road

Mount McKenzie

Road resheeted From To
Sugar Loaf Hill Road Eden Valley Road 550m past end of seal

Mount Pleasant

Road resheeted From To
Herriot Road McGormans Road Tungkillo Road
Hillview Road Randell Road Tungkillo Road
Schrapels Road Randell Road Tungkillo Road
Zaltrons Road Randell Road Ken Hicks Road
Fromm Road Eden Valley Road H#180
G Hicks Road Cricks Mill Road Cromer Road
Seagers Road Ken Hicks Road Tungkillo Road
Black Snake Road Council Boundary Cromer Road


Road resheeted From To
W Dewells Road R Dewells Road N Herbigs Road
Groths Road Burns Extension Road Angas Valley Road
C Kuchels Road Jutland Road Shearers Road
McBeans Range Road Springton Road Malcolm Starick Road

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