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Community, corporate and advocacy plans

Barossa Community Plan

The Barossa Community Plan outlines The Barossa Council's aspirational vision for the community, with a 20-year horizon. The Plan was developed in conjunction with the community and represents over 500 community responses. It guides decision-making for both Council and the community, based on our vision and shared values.

The Barossa Community Plan (2020-2040) is managed through five key themes in support of the vision.

“Enhancing our premium wine, food and tourism region and its unique lifestyle, heritage and community spirit.”

We have also developed a 35-year intergenerational project known as The Big Project, which outlines the path we are taking to achieve the Community Plan vision.

Corporate Plan

Our Corporate Plan outlines a 4 year strategy to achieve the 20 year vision of the Community Plan. The plan summaries the actions for Council and staff to implement in a bid to achieve this vision.

Our Corporate Plan 2016-2020 is aligned to the themes of the Community Plan including Natural Environment and Built Heritage, Community and Culture, Infrastructure, Health and Wellbeing and Business and Employment. The Corporate Plan also outlines council’s principles of operation.

Advocacy Strategy

The Advocacy Strategy 2020-2024 has been newly established in 2020. The primary role of the Advocacy Plan is to support the Community Plan and identify known and possible areas of advocacy that the council will or may need to undertake to achieve its vision.

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