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Delegations Register

Council has powers and functions that must be performed under a range of legislation. In most cases, the relevant Acts grant these obligations and powers directly to Council.

Under the Local Government Act, Council are able to delegate these powers and functions to the Chief Executive Officer, an authorised person, or a committee. The Act also allows the Chief Executive Officer to sub-delegate these powers and functions to relevant Officers. Powers and functions may also be delegated under other legislation.

Delegations made by Council, and sub-delegations made by the Chief Executive Officer, can be revoked at any time and do not prevent Council from acting in a matter itself. In addition, Council Officers to whom a sub-delegation has been made may choose not to exercise that delegation and bring a matter before Council for direction.

The Delegations Register has been established to record the powers and functions that have been:

  • Delegated by Council to the Chief Executive Officer, and authorised persons and committees; and
  • Sub-delegated by the Chief Executive Officer to Council officers or other authorised persons.

Under the Act, the Delegations Register must be reviewed by Council within one year of a Council election.

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