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Development approval processes

Certain types of activities are defined as ‘development’ in the Development Act 1993, which require approval. Types of activities can include construction, addition to, or alteration of, buildings and structures, (including signs), the demolition of buildings, a change of use in the land, any internal or external alteration of a listed heritage item, the division of land into allotments or community titles, or the adjustment of allotment boundaries, and any work that is building work, (staff in the Development Services team can assist in determining which work is classified as building work).

Development approval involves granting one or more consents, such as Development Plan Consent, Building Rules Consent, Land Division (Allotment) Consent, and Land Division (Community Title) Consent.

The number of consents needed for Development Approval depends on the type of development. For information on development plan consent, building rules consent, and land division consent, as well as the development application process, refer to our Development Approval development information guide.

For your convenience, you can lodge a new development application through our online services here.

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