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Do I need approval to erect a new fence?

You will require approval from council for your fence if any of the following applies:

  • your fence exceeds 2.1 metres in height, including attachments, retaining wall, or other
  • your fence masonry, (brick, stone, etc), exceeds 1 metre in height, including any retaining wall
  • your fence exceeds 1 metre in height within 6 metres of an intersection of any street, other than where a 4m x 4m corner cut-off exists. This is measured from the property boundary
  • your fence is in the historic and conservation zones and/or is a state or local heritage dwelling
  • your fence is to be a safety barrier for a swimming pool or spa pool
  • your fence is a brush fence that is within 3 metres of an existing or proposed dwelling, or a flat or apartment building.

Council does not management boundary fencing between you and your neighbour.

Whether you need council approval or not, you should consider your neighbours if you are building a fence on a common boundary. It is always best to speak to your neighbour before undertaking any fencing work.

There may be legal requirements to notify your neighbour, as well as potential cost sharing to consider.

Generally fences are privately negotiated between neighbours. If you need further guidance, you can visit the SA Government site for up-to-date information on fencing, boundary and encroachment.

The Legal Services Commission also has a useful pamphlet "Fences and the Law" that contains the relevant information and forms required to assist in fencing negotiations and/or disputes.

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