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Pools and spas

Development approval is needed for:

  • A swimming pool which is capable of being filled to a depth exceeding 300mm, or any above ground or inflatable swimming pool that incorporates a filtration system and is capable of being filled to a depth exceeding 300mm.
  • A spa pool which has a maximum capacity exceeding 680 litres.
  • Any alterations to swimming pool fencing/safety barriers

Additionally, all pools are required to have safety barriers or fencing constructed in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1926.1 to restrict access by young children to the immediate pool surrounds. Fencing must be installed before a new pool is filled with water.

It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the necessary approvals have been granted.

SA Government has more information about pool and spa safety measures to reduce the risk of accidents in your swimming pool or spa pool.

For information on development approval, pool safety barriers, pump and filtration equipment and managing waste water refer to our Swimming Pools and Spas Fact Sheet.

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