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Development, building and land division applications

All new development, including extensions and some modifications to existing buildings, requires approval under the Development Act. Common forms of development are:

  • A change in the use of land
  • Building work (including construction, demolition or removal of a building)
  • The division of an allotment

Some activities and acts are declared to be 'not development', and don’t require an application or approval. The Plan SA Wizard helps identify development types that don’t usually require approval. Council's Development Services team can help with any enquiries about the development approval process and its requirements. The steps for lodging a development application are provided in our Development Application Requirements development information guide

Development and building applications can be made through our online services. Please note if you are lodging an application and have not signed in, you will be required to pay a lodgement fee to process your application. You will also need your Certificate of Title which is available via the South Australian Integrated Land Information System.

Our development application form includes a checklist for lodging a development application, including information required for dwelling and dwelling additions (Class 1A) and for domestic sheds, verandahs, carports, decks, and swimming pools/spas (Class 10A & 10B).

Please refer to our fee schedule for fees payable.

Development Register

Council provides a searchable register of development applications.

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