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Heritage buildings and advice

What is a heritage-listed building, and do I have one?

A heritage-listed building can be "heritage" for many reasons such as a place of value for reasons of history, social and cultural importance, design merit, or rarity. Heritage listings provide a list of places or objects that have such heritage significance.

If you're unsure if your place of residence or business is heritage-listed, you can check on The South Australian Heritage Places Database.

Looking to undertake work on you heritage building? You should enquire about development approval as development may be limited. Find out if you need approval today! You may also be eligible for financial assistance such as a Heritage Grant or Building Upgrade Finance.

Heritage Grants

As highlighted in our Community Plan we are committed to supporting the development of activities that celebrate the history, art, and culture of the Barossa and its people. One way we are doing this is through our Heritage Grants program.

If you own a state heritage property or if your property is in a state heritage area of local heritage significance or a contributory item listed in our Development Plan, you may be eligible to receive assistance with costs associated with maintenance conservation works, minor alterations, or additions. For more information to see if you're eligible, refer to the Heritage Grants Guidelines for further information

Heritage Grant Applications

Heritage Grant applications are welcome from community groups, church bodies, and individuals. Applications are assessed annually by the Community Assistance Scheme Committee (CASC) at the annual committee meeting in November.

Heritage Grants are provided to the owner(s) of a property that is of Local Heritage significance or a contributory place as listed within The Barossa Council Development Plan. Community groups, church bodies, and individuals can apply.

Financial incentives may be provided for maintenance improvement works that exceed the owner(s) funding capability. Projects should be essential to the conservation value of the property or prevent further deterioration.

Any application for funding that is outside the scope of the Guidelines will be assessed by the Community Assistance Scheme Committee in the first instance, with its recommendation and report subsequently presented to the next Council Meeting for decision.

Applications for Heritage Grants can be submitted at any time, but will only be considered by the Community Assistance Scheme Committee on an annual basis at the November meeting of the Committee.

Applications for Heritage Grants close 1 September each year.

Building Upgrade Finance

Building Upgrade Finance is a unique finance product that is available to fund environmental and heritage upgrades to existing non-residential buildings. It's provided by private sector finance providers and enabled by the Council.

Presently we have no arrangements in place. If non-residential building owners are interested in this product please get in touch with us directly.

More information on Building Upgrade Finance can be found at SA Department for Environment and Water.


You can find out if a heritage building is listed by checking the address of the building in The South Australian Heritage Places Database.

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