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Lodge a development application

How to lodge an application

All development applications must now be lodged online through the PlanSA Portal. You may also lodge your application through the PlanSA Portal from the Planning Kiosk at the Nuriootpa Council Office, where Council staff will be available to assist if required.

How applications will be assessed

The new planning system's assessment pathways enable better assessment processes for development applications. To understand a development application's journey through the approval process view the Assessment Pathway in the PlanSA Portal. We recommend before starting any development that you discuss your intentions with Council's Development Services to work with you and explain what is permissible under the Planning and Design Code.

Applications lodged before 19 March 2021

Development Applications lodged prior to 19 March 2021 will be assessed under the Barossa Development Plan, and the Development Act 1993 and Development Regulations 2008. Where Planning Consent has been issued under the Development Act 1993, Building Rules Consent and final development approval will be issued under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016, and assessed through the PlanSA Portal.

Applications lodged from 19 March 2021

All development applications lodged on and after 19 March 2021 will be assessed under the new Planning and Design Code.

As development applications are now processed online, enquiries in relation to lodging your development application need to be referred to the PlanSA helpline on 1800 752 664.

Application fees and charges

All development applications incur fees in order for the assessment process to be undertaken by a planning professional. The fees that will be payable for your application depend on what you are proposing, where it's located, and when you lodge.

Please note your proposal may be required to undergo public notification, in which a $350 fee shall be required. This will be determined during the assessment process.

For information on which fees may apply to you visit the Application Fees in the PlanSA Portal.

Search development applications

To search and track the progress of development applications in South Australia from 19 March 2021, use the PlanSA Development Application Register.

For all development applications lodged prior to 19 March 2021, please visit the Council Development Register.


If you're planning on undertaking development, you may need approval before you get started.

Find out if you need approval for development by using the PlanSA Wizard tool.

If you're planning development you may need approval to ensure that development is appropriate for where it is proposed, and that it's constructed in a safe and compliant way.

For more information on the approval process view PlanSA's why you need approval guide.

The need to provide access for people with disability is assessed as part of the Development Application process. The Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act and Regulations and the Building Code of Australia have specific requirements for the design of new buildings to ensure reasonable access is provided. In addition to allowing access for people with a disability to and within a building, consideration may also be given to facilities such as toilets, washbasins and in some instances, shower facilities.

We have made a commitment to achieving equitable access and inclusion for everyone through the development of our Disability Access and Inclusion Action Plan. You can find more information on our Disability Access and Inclusion Action Plan on our Inclusion page.

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