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Owner and builder information

If you are undertaking building work that requires development approval on your own property, you may need the services of:

  1. a registered building work supervisor who has undertaken the training required (Reg 74.5 of the Development Regulations) to sign off the supervisor’s checklist for the roof framing (includes any roof framing but also verandahs and carports if connected to roof framing of existing building); and/or
  2. a registered building work supervisor or private certifier to sign off your Statement of Compliance at the completion of the work (this doesn’t apply to domestic verandahs, carports, sheds).

Undertake a licence search of building work supervisors or refer to Plan SA’s accredited professionals register for registered private certifiers.

For information on building indemnity insurance, mandatory notifications for inspection, supervisors checklist and statement of compliance, refer to our Owner and Builder development information guide.

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