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SA Planning Portal - PlanSA

South Australia's new online planning system, which includes the new SA Planning Portal - PlanSA Portal, and new Planning and Design Code, commenced 19 March 2021.

The new system has been developed to support better design across the state, include one set of guidelines for your convenience, provide easier to understand information on what can and can't be achieved upfront, and encourage community involvement so that you can have your say on development that matters to you the most.

It will also include a more consistent process of development application assessment through PlanSA Assessment Pathways. This process of assessment will be undertaken by a range of experts for best results and allow quicker outcomes for simpler applications such as carports, pergola's, and verandahs, so more time and energy can be spent on complex applications.

For more information on the new planning system visit PlanSA.

PlanSA Portal

The PlanSA Portal is 100% online, providing you with convenient, 24/7 access to lodge development applications, track and monitor the progress of applications and receive notifications for application decisions by email.

If you wish to lodge a development application you'll need to create an online account - register today!

Planning and Design Code

A significant element of the State’s planning reform involves replacing all 72 South Australian Development Plans with a single state-wide planning rule book, the Planning and Design Code. There are three different ways that you can view the Code dependant on your situation.

Assessment Pathways

The Planning, Development and Infrastructure (General) Regulations 2017 have replaced the Development Regulations 2008 to guide the assessment of all development applications lodged under the new system. The new assessment pathways enable the delivery of faster approvals, fast-tracking of deemed-to-satisfy development applications, and more consistent planning rules for performance-based assessment.

Assessment pathways are dependant on the type of development, such as 'accepted development, 'code assessed development', and 'impact assessed development, and will be implemented in conjunction with the new Planning and Design Code. If you're unsure of the type of development you're planning visit PlanSA Assessment Pathways.

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