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Development and Business

Contracts and tenders

Current tenders

All open tenders within the South Australian Government can be accessed on the SA Tenders and Contract website. Electronic submissions can be made using the Electronic Lodgement Service. You can also view the details of all South Australian Government-awarded contracts for goods, services, and works.

Purchase order terms and conditions

Standard Terms and Conditions apply for the purchase of goods and works. These terms and conditions do not apply if a contract/agreement has been executed with Council for the services being provided, in which case you will continue to be bound by those terms and conditions.

Barossa Regional Procurement Group

Barossa Regional Procurement Group comprises five member councils who work together to provide a streamlined approach to regional procurement. This facilitates a joint approach to the market, selection of successful suppliers and the management of contract signing, induction and contractor monitoring requirements. The benefits to stakeholders are cost savings and efficiencies across the procurement lifecycle.

Member councils are The Barossa Council, Mid Murray Council, Adelaide Plains Council, Light Regional Council and Town of Gawler. The group is not a legal entity which means at the end of each procurement activity, successful suppliers are engaged via a contract or relevant agreement with the individual council.

Online contractor induction

We have a duty of care to all people who may be at our workplaces, including contractors, sub-contractors, volunteers, employees, visitors and the general public. Our online contractor induction sets a standard for safe work and minimising risk. We require contractors to complete an online induction every four years and a certificate of training is required. Please contact your Council representative if you have questions after completing the induction.

All contractors/suppliers must still ensure WHS legislative compliance is met through their own management systems.

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