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Busker playing guitar on street

Development and Business

Business activities on Council land

You can apply to Council to use public land for activities such as busking, distributing flyers, selling raffle tickets, collecting donations and preaching. A nominal fee may be payable. Conditions apply around proximity to other premises or locations, nuisance provisions and other public considerations.

You may need to give Council a detailed description of your proposed activity, location, dates and times along with any specific equipment and photographic identification. You may also be required to provide public liability insurance, risk assessment, collections for Charitable Purposes Licence or other documentation.

Filming permit

Businesses may wish to film on public land within The Barossa Council area, which requires approval. Filming must not cause a hazard to motorists, pedestrians or members of the community.

You may be asked to provide a description and schedule of proposed filming, any traffic management requirements along with a risk assessment and public liability insurance. Fees may apply.

Please contact our Regulatory Services Team on 8563 8444 or email for more information.

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