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Person serving from food truck

Development and Business

Mobile food vendors

Mobile Food Vendors, better known as food trucks, are welcome in The Barossa Council region where food or beverage is the primary product being provided and a permit has been obtained. We seek to apply a balanced approach to managing Mobile Food Vendors while acknowledging and supporting fixed food businesses.

Council’s Mobile Food Vendor (MFV) Policy and Mobile food vendor location rules outline hours of operation, location, and permit fees that apply. This applies to all food trucks operating on a public road or reserve within council. The guidelines also seek to ensure mobile food vendors don’t have adverse impacts on road safety, amenity, or cause nuisance to nearby properties.

Key exclusions include operating on private land; as part of a Council-approved event; or food delivery services.

An annual permit fee of $2000 or a monthly permit fee of $200 applies, which is part of council’s Fees and Charges Register.

If you'd like to apply for a Mobile Food Vendor permit, you can do so by filling out the Mobile Food Vendor application form.

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