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Short term visitor accommodation

Short term visitor accommodation is the use of premises for temporary accommodation for visitors staying less than three months. Common examples are Airbnb, bed and breakfast, cabin, farm stay, holiday letting, motel or serviced apartment, with bookings often made through online platforms.

Whether you need development approval primarily depends on the number of guests being accommodated. Use of an existing dwelling for up to five guests with no associated building work does not need development approval, however, more than five guests on a site require development approval.

Where development approval is required, various standards relating to facilities and amenities also need to be met. Common scenarios and the required consents are provided in our Short Term Visitor Accommodation Fact Sheet.

Lodge a development application online.

There are legislative requirements for bed and breakfasts offering:

  • rainwater for guests, under the Safe Drinking Water Regulations 2012
  • swimming pools or spa pools available for guests use, under the South Australian Public Health (General) Regulations 2013
  • handling or supplying food under the Food Act 2001.

As such Councils requires bed and breakfast operators to notify Council of their operations on our B&B food and pool questionnaire.

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