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Onsite wastewater applications

All waste control system installations must comply with the onsite wastewater systems code and can be submitted by the onsite-wastewater works application form. Please take note of the information required for your wastewater application.

You can make an online wastewater payment or enquiry for an application that has already been lodged with Council.

Application fees

Application fees are effective between 1 July 2020 - 30 June 2021 and GST is exempt on all septic fees.

Fee type Description Cost
Lodgement Installation or alteration $115.00
Lodgement + 1 x inspection Alterations to existing septic system $243.00
Lodgement + 2 x inspections Within townships connected to Community Wastewater Management Scheme $371.00
Lodgement + 3 x inspections Outside townships Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Systems, Aerobic Sand Filter Systems & Soakage Systems & Alternative Systems $499.00
Installation or alteration* *Ip to 5000 litres $115.00
Extras For each 1000 litres over 5000 litres $25.25

For more information please contact Council’s Health Services team on 08 8563 8444, or by email at

Wastewater works register

Council provides a searchable register of wastewater works applications.

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