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Altona Reserve

Managing natural resources is all about balancing people's needs with those of nature - ensuring a fair share of resources for all.

The Altona CSR Landcare Reserve (70Ha) provides one of the last natural vestiges of pre-European vegetation remaining within the council area. The Williamstown and Lyndoch Landcare Group has spent over 20 years working hard to remove threats and increase diversity across the reserve.

This valuable remnant provides habitat for a wide range of conservation rated native flora and fauna species. The diversity includes over 213 species of native plants with 63 of these having national, state or regional conservation status. The reserve also provides habitat for 96 species of native birds, 10 of which have national, state or regional conservation ratings.

The Council and former Adelaide and Mount Lofty NRM Board are incredibly proud of these achievements.

Please watch the video (2012) to see the successful restoration of Altona Reserve.

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