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Prepare your home and property

Preparing and maintaining your property is a year-round responsibility. However, higher importance should be placed on maintenance in the lead up to and during the Fire Danger Season.

You must prepare your property before the Fire Danger Season commences and continue to maintain it during the season by reducing the amount of vegetation, fuel and undergrowth around the property. This is one of the most important aspects of fire prevention and preparedness.

Our Fire Prevention Officers undertake regular inspections throughout the area to assess properties in the lead up to and during the Fire Danger Season. Properties that have excess vegetation which presents an increased risk of the outbreak or spread of fire may be required to undertake certain work through a formal notice.

Prepare your property for the Fire Danger Season:

  • Reduce, remove and maintain vegetation (such as long grass) within 20 metres of your home and 5 metres of any sheds and garages. This will help to reduce the spread or outbreak of fire.
  • Mow and maintain any long grass and undergrowth.
  • Remove any fire fuels such as accumulated branches and leaves.
  • Carefully manage trees and shrubs near the house by pruning back overhanging branches and any lower limbs to create a vertical break.
  • On larger properties, graze paddocks to reduce fuel load and create a fire break around fence lines clear of flammable grasses and vegetation.
  • Ensure gutters are clean and clear of accumulated vegetation or material.
  • Consider how sparks or embers may be trapped and ignite garden beds, mulches, timber decks, grasses and even doormats.
  • Have an adequate and reliable independent water supply, not reliant on mains water or mains power.
  • Monitor local conditions and daily fire danger ratings.

For more information please visit the CFS website.

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