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Community sharps disposal facilities

We sell sharps containers to members of the public with managed health conditions such as diabetes. Containers are available for purchase from our main office and all branch offices.

The range available for purchase:

1.4 Litre - $6.00

2.8 Litre - $8.50

5.0 Litre - $10.00

8.0 Litre - $11.50

As part of the current service, we can also arrange for the disposal of full sharps containers once they are returned to us. However, to ensure staff and public safety, sharps will only be received for disposal if the sharps containers are in a sealed prescribed* sharps container. The lid of the container will also need to be sealed with adhesive tape (provided at the counter). If the container offered is not a prescribed sharps container then service will be refused.

Please note that this service is only available to Barossa Council residents only.

*Prescribed - a yellow coloured, purpose-made sharps container complying with AS4031:1992 (non-reusable) or AS4261:1994 (reusable) as amended from time to time in both cases. The prescribed containers are impervious to moisture and leak-proof, will not tip, tear or burst (under normal handling conditions) and displays a label of compliance or the medical waste sharps logo.

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