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Mandatory green organic - expressions of interest

The Barossa Council is proposing a Green Organic service exemption for residents who can reasonably demonstrate that they are effectively managing the disposal of Green Organic waste from their property.

Expressions of interest from residents who believe they meet the criteria for this exemption are requested at this time however, this does not guarantee that service exemptions will be granted as each request is individually assessed.

Expressions of interest to opt-out close 1 April, 2021 at 5pm.

^Assessment criteria and conditions

  1. Photographic evidence of a suitable composting system (compost pile or bay, static or tumbling compost bins) will be required for the service exemption to be considered.
  2. A signed Statutory Declaration stating that green waste is managed through other means and will not be placed in general waste bin is to be included with the expression of interest.
  3. You must be the property owner or rate payer to put forward an expression of interest for the Green Organic Service Exemption.
  4. An expression of interest for the Green Organic Service Exemption does not guarantee that a service exemption will be applied to the property.
  5. You are required to notify Council if your circumstances change, this includes moving from your current premises.
  6. Bins that are assigned to the property must not be removed from the property when there is a change of tenants or sale of the property. All bins remain the property of SOLO Resource Recovery.

Expression of interest to opt-out form

If you wish to express your interest to opt-out of a green organic bin service, you can do so by filling out the form below and provide all relevant documentation.

Contact details
Are you the property owner, rate payer or property manager? *

You must be a property owner, rate payer or managing agent for the property to complete this application

Site address

This can be found on your rates notice

Refer to the Assessment criteria and conditions for more details

Please provide the following documentation^


Council is committed to reducing the area’s contribution of waste to landfill through a variety of measures. In line with this commitment Council has obtained a grant under the Green Industries SA Kerbside Performance Plus Food Waste Incentive program to assist in implementing a more sustainable and efficient food organics recycling system with the goal of achieving targets within South Australia's Waste Strategy 2015-2020.

An independent kerbside bin audit conducted last year by KESAB Environmental Solutions revealed that 47% of waste found in general (red lid) bins was actually organic material which could be more effectively disposed of through a green organics (green lid) bin.

By diverting just a portion (20%) of the organic waste from landfill to the appropriate stream Council could save around $45,963 a year on the landfill levy (based on a $71.50 per tonne levy).

In the long term such significant savings could then be passed on to ratepayers.

For residents that don’t currently subscribe to the green organic service, the service will reduce the amount of waste that goes into your general waste bin. Which is very convenient if you have difficulty fitting your waste into your existing bin.

If you are already composting, the green organic service will help you to dispose of material you wouldn’t normally compost at home, like pet droppings, bones and meat scraps or seafood scraps.

If you currently take green waste to the Springton Transfer Station or another facility, you may no longer need to make those trips, saving you money and time. If you generate a lot of garden waste, e.g. grass clippings and prunings, you can spread it across multiple Green bin collections and only take the material that won’t physically fit in your bin to the Springton Transfer Station or another facility.

Expressions of interest close on 1 April 2021 at 5pm.

Results of the expression of interest will be reported to Council in April 2021. All residents that put forward an expression of interest will advised of the outcome in May 2021.

3,994 properties, (as at 30 June 2020), have subscribed to the optional green organic waste service, which is 49.5% of all eligible properties.

The townships of Angaston, Lyndoch, Mount Pleasant, Nuriootpa, Penrice, Springton, Stockwell, Tanunda and Williamstown will be classified as mandatory. The service area is currently under review and some properties in Sandy Creek, Eden Valley and Light Pass may be included on the proposed mandatory collection route.

Roll out of the mandatory service will commence from Quarter 4 of the 2020-21 financial year in the lead up to the 1 July 2021 start. Charges will appear on rates notices from July 1 2021.

The annual fee will be applied to future rates notices. The current fee for 2020-21 is $53. The fee is reviewed each year as part of the budgeting process to account for collection and disposal costs for delivering the service to ratepayers. Tenants currently paying for the optional service will no longer be billed under the mandatory proposal as the cost will become the responsibility of the ratepayer.

• Lawn clippings

• Weeds, branches and garden matter

• Leaves and small prunings

• Cut flowers

• Food scraps and peels

• Cake and bread scraps

• Tea bags and coffee grounds

• Meat scraps and bones (cooked or raw)

• Seafood (cooked or raw)

• Egg shells and oyster shells

• Tissues and paper towels

• Dairy products (eg. cheese and yoghurt)

• Manure and pet droppings

• Hair

• Fruit and vegetables

• Compostable bags

Further detail of what is accepted in the kerbside collection services can be accessed via the ‘Which Bin’ bin website

Residents who can reasonably demonstrate that they are effectively managing the disposal of Green Organic waste from their property are encouraged to complete the expression of interest for the green organic service exemption.

You must be the property owner or rate payer to put forward an expression of interest for the Green Organic Service Exemption.

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