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Waste collection

If you live within a designated waste collection area (generally a township), we offer a three-bin kerbside collection service along with a kitchen organics caddy. If you live within a rural area along the approved waste collection route, you will have access to a two-bin kerbside collection service.

Any commercial premise within a designated waste collection area may also opt to access the two bin services by contacting our waste contractor, Solo Resource Recovery on 8295 5077 or fill out their online enquiry form at this link.

Collection calendars & service times

Collection can take place at any time between 7.00 am and 7.00 pm.

Waste and recycling bins are collected Monday to Friday, including public holidays, except for Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Good Friday. On these particular holidays, the collection will occur one day later than the usual collection day. Green organic bins are collected on Saturday.

To view upcoming collection dates please see our waste collection 2020-21 calendar.

If you are unsure of your collection schedule, please contact us.

Collection services

140L red lid waste to landfill 240L yellow lid co-mingled recycling 240L green lid organic with kitchen caddy
Summary For materials that can not be recycled or composted For household recycling materials For materials such as grass, clippings, flowers, leaves, shrubs and pruning, food scraps
Collection schedule Collected weekly Collected fortnightly Collected fortnightly
Township service* Mandatory Mandatory Voluntary
Rural service Mandatory Mandatory Not available
Commercial service Voluntary Voluntary Voluntary

*Currently available in the townships of Nuriootpa, Tanunda, Angaston, Penrice, Lyndoch, Williamstown, Stockwell, Springton, and Mount Pleasant.

Your red lid bin (140L) is for all household rubbish that can't be placed into your recycling or green organics bin. This service is mandatory for all residential properties located within the council area. An exemption is available to properties when Solo Resource Recovery has determined that collection is not possible. Please be mindful that everything that goes into this bin will go to landfill, so it’s important to recycle as much as possible. Please bag your garbage to help reduce litter.

Your green lid bin (240L) is for green organic material such as grass clippings, flowers, leaves, shrubs, prunings and food scraps which cannot be composted on your property. This is an optional service with an annual fee and is only available to residential properties located within the approved township waste collection areas. Anyone wanting to opt for this service can do so by applying for a new service with Solo Resource Recovery.

Your yellow lid bin (240L) is for co-mingled recycling materials that reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. This service is mandatory for all residential properties located within the council area. An exemption is available to properties when Solo Resource Recovery has determined that collection is not possible. Please ensure items placed within this bin are loose; this helps to sort and recycle items efficiently at the recycling facility. Please empty the contents of all containers etc. before placing them in the bin, there is no need to rinse them though.

Please do not put the following items into the yellow recycling bins:

  • Plastic bags
  • e-waste
  • Clothing
  • Food and liquids
  • Polystyrene/foam
  • Shredded paper
  • Toughened glass
  • Nappies
  • Paint and building materials

Bin identification and ownership

Each bin is fitted with a bin identification code and a radio frequency identification device (RFID). This will allow for misplaced or lost bins to be easily returned to the rightful property. It will allow Solo Resource Recovery to verify that a bin has been serviced when presented for collection.

Bins are allocated to and remain with the property as part of the collection service but remain in ownership of Solo Resource Recovery for the term of the service contract.

Presenting Bins for collection

To help ensure your bin collection runs smoothly and enable drivers to pick up, empty and replace your bins safely, it's important to:

  • Put bins on the kerb by 6.00 am on the day of the designated service, or the evening.
  • Position the bin within 1m of the kerb, facing the roadway with the handles facing the property to allow ready access to the bin by the robotic-armed vehicle.
  • Leave at least a 50cm gap between your bins.
  • Leave at least one metre between your bin and any obstructions (such as trees, cars or poles).
  • Not overfill your bin.
  • Ensure the bin lid is closed to avoid spills. Bins should be returned to your property within 24 hours of being emptied and not left on the kerb or on the road after collection.

Bins that are placed on the road pose a risk for drivers and pedestrians and disrupt traffic. Leaving your bins out for prolonged periods may result in their removal. Within rural areas, a common Collection Point may be nominated for ease of waste collection by Solo Resource Recovery and Council.

Service charges 2020 / 2021

Service charges for waste services are set each year as part of the budget process and are applied as a separate fee-for-service on your rates notice.

140L General Waste 240L General Waste 240L Recycling 240L Green
$111 $140 $62 $53

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