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Water dams


Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS)

Properties in our area are serviced by a Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS). The CWMS provides environmentally safe management of wastewater. We operate and maintain over 7800 connections, 35 pump stations and 7 treatment plants.

The CWMS collects and treats wastewater from each connected property using a common network. Household liquid wastewater (effluent) passes through a septic tank on the property and into a connection point to the common network.

The wastewater is treated as per EPA requirements to non-potable, recycled water standards. Treatment may include systems utilising various technologies with the reuse of reclaimed water.

This provides a guaranteed water supply in times of drought and reduces our local impact on the River Murray and is a valuable water supply in times of Bushfires.

Find out more about the Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS) and if this is the correct wastewater system for your property.

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