Lost & Found Animals

Public Notice of Detention of an Animal

There are currently no animals in Council's pound facility

2 November 2020

Should you have any queries, please contact Council on 8563 8444.

Identifying your dog

Whilst microchipping and Facebook are great ways to reunite lost dogs and owners. A dog registration tag remains the quickest and most convenient way for your dog to be identified and returned to you.

Lost and Found Animals

It is an offence for your dog to wander at large, which means that it is in a public place and not under effective control or in a private place without the consent of the owner. It is important that you have a secure yard to prevent your dog from escaping and that it’s registration disc is attached to its collar to ensure that should your dog be found, it can be identified and retuned to you.

Report a Lost Dog

Should your dog escape your yard or get lost, please contact our office on 08 8563 8444 as soon as possible to make a report. This will assist us in reuniting you with your dog, should your dog be found wandering at large.

Report a Found Dog

If you have found a dog within The Barossa Council area, please contact our office on 08 8563 8444 as soon as possible to report its location, description of the dog and any registration disc details. Council maintains a register of all dogs registered within its area. The unique registration disc number is linked to contact details of the owner and enables the owner to be contacted to collect the dog.

Where the owner cannot be contacted, or where there is no identification, Council’s General Inspectors can attend to collect the dog. All dogs received by our General Inspectors will be searched for microchips, registration discs or other identification.

All dogs are kept at an approved holding facility while officers attempt to locate the owner. If the owner cannot be found or identified, the dog is then transferred to the Animal Welfare League where it is assessed for its suitability for re-homing. 

After hours

Between the hours of 5.00pm and 8.30am calls are transferred to our After Hours Call Centre. During these times, our Call Centre has been instructed on dealing with your request, including reuniting dogs that are found with a current registration tag, with their owners. Council’s General Inspectors will be contacted for all lost and found requests where the owner cannot be contacted or identified.

Unfortunately, between 9.00pm and 7.00am Council’s General Inspectors can only respond to incidents of attacking dogs where the dog remains in the vicinity and is a safety concern. Other calls received by the after hours call centre during these times will be conveyed to General Inspectors the following morning.