Registering your Dog

All Dogs need to be registered once they reach three months of age.

It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that their dog(s) are registered each year. If the dog is acquired as an adult dog, the dog must be registered once the dog has been in the owner's possession for 14 days. 

Registration enables your dog to be identified and returned to you as soon as possible should it be found wandering. Please refer to Council’s Dog Registration Fact Sheet for more information on the importance of dog registration and a list of the dog registration fees.

Registering Your Dog

Registration can be completed by attending either the Nuriootpa, Lyndoch, Mount Pleasant or Lyndoch council office with all relevant documentation to make payment. Alternatively, a Dog Registration Application Form can be downloaded, completed and brought into one of Council's offices with any relevant certification.

Please scroll down for more information on what registration rebates are available.

If you have registered your dog with another Council and are moving into our Council area please complete the above form and present it to one of our council offices to transfer the dog registration.

Registration Renewals

The Barossa Council offers a convenient process for renewing your dogs registration. All dog registration discs are sent with your annual renewal notice. Payment can then be made online or via you financial institution. Payment of registration fees are due by 31 August each year. Late fee of $20 may apply for renewals that are paid after this date. It is your responsibility to ensure that your dog is registered and wearing its registration disc whenever off your property.

Please note: your dog is NOT registered until payment has been received.

If you wish to claim a rebate that has previously not been claimed, you will need to attend a Council office with appropriate certification.

To advise change of ownership or property information please complete the Change of Details Form and forward to your nearest council office.

Payment Options

To pay for your Dog Registration, you can Pay Online via our secure ePayments gateway >

Please follow the prompts and enter your Animal Reference Number.


For telephone and internet banking, contact your bank or financial institution using the reference number provided on the renewal notice to make this payment from your cheque, savings, debit, credit card or transaction account. For more information visit 

If you are paying for multiple dog registrations via BPay, please enter a separate transaction for each registration using the individual animal reference numbers and only for the amount shown on each notice.

BPay is not available after 31 August.

Pay by mail 

Detached the slip at the bottom of your renewal notice and send your cheque or money order payable to The Barossa Council, PO Box 867 Nuriootpa SA 5355.

Pay in person 

Visit one of our Council Offices in Nuriootpa, Mount Pleasant, Lyndoch or Angaston.


Discounts are available for registration upon presentation of evidence for the following:

Desexed - A rebate is available for desexed dogs upon production of a certificate from your vet.

Microchipped - A rebate is available for dogs that are microchipped. A certificate of microchipping is required to receive this. The contact details linked to the microchip must be up to date.

Trained - A rebate is available upon presentation certification indicating that the dog has undertaken obedience training. The dog must be able to walk at heel, sit, stay and come on command and not be over exuberant around other dogs. This rebate also extends to dogs used in the Pets as Therapy Program.

Puppies are also eligible for this rebate if they have completed puppy pre-school. The puppy training rebate is available for the first year of registration only.

Guide/Hearing/Disability dogs - No fee is charged for dogs that have been certified a disability, hearing or guide dogs. This includes dogs that are currently undergoing training to be certified.

Racing Greyhounds – registered as a racing greyhound with Greyhound Racing SA are recorded under this registration type. Greyhounds that are not racing are considered and applied as a normal dog.

Working Dogs - A working dog rebate is available to farm dogs that are principally used for the tending or droving of stock. A separate Working Dog Declaration Form must be completed when registering a working dog.