Responsible Cat Ownership

As a cat owner it is your responsibility to care for your cat by providing adequate shelter, food and water and ensuring your cat does not pose a nuisance to neighbours or a threat to wildlife and the environment.

Responsible Cat Ownership

Similar to dogs, cats take commitment and prospective cat owners are encouraged to consider a number of factors when determining which breed to cat is best suited to their lifestyle. Before making a decision, we highly recommend that you take the Select-an-Owner quiz at the Good Cat SA Website >

You and Your Cat Fact Sheet


Currently, cats are not required to be registered in The Barossa Council. However, there are risks of losing your cat should it not be identified by a collar or microchip.


Whilst there are no laws preventing cats from roaming, Council encourages owner to confine their cats to their property, particularly between sunset and sunrise. This will reduce the likelihood of it causing nuisance to the neighbourhood, being involved in a fight with another animal (which may result in expensive medical treatment or contracting diseases) or being involved in an accident. 

If your cat is found wandering from your premises, it can legally be trapped or handed into a shelter, vet or council animal management officer. As there are no requirements for cat registration, it is imperative that cats are appropriately identified. 

Any cat found without identification as defined by the Act is considered as a stray when presented to a vet, shelter or animal management officer and may be put up for adoption or euthanaised.

If you identify your cat via a collar and tag with your contact information or via a microchip, it will be protected by the law.

For more information on cat management please visit the Good Cat SA website >


Desexing your cat also prevents antisocial behaviour and unwanted litters, it can also assist in prevention of cancers and other diseases of the reproductive system. You can get your cat desexed at one of the below local veterinarian clinics.

Tanunda Veterinary Services
21 Murray Street
(08) 85630235

Barossa Veterinary Surgery
29 Railway Terrace
(08) 85621162

The Vet Clinic
21 Murray Street
(08) 85643488

Birdwood Veterinary Clinic
Main Street
(08) 85685220