Seniors Collaborative Action Project (SCAP)


The Seniors Collaborative Action Project (SCAP) is a Commonwealth HACC funded initiative operating in the region comprising the local government areas of Barossa, Gawler, Light and Mallala. The SCAP is one of 12 Collaborative Projects funded in SA to provide ‘sector support and development’ through the establishment of a regional structure that actively engages with services that support the Commonwealth HACC target group (frail older people aged 65+ and frail older ATSI people aged 50+, and their carers).
The SCAP is auspiced by the Barossa Council and is managed through a structure of an Executive Committee, a regionally representative Project Forum and regional Working Groups.

Objectives of the Seniors Collaborative Action Project

1.To engage with CHSP grant recipients and consumers, along with other aged care stakeholders, to build capacity of the aged care sector to implement the new reforms.

2. To establish and maintain collaborative partnerships and projects between CHSP grant recipients, the Department, and other aged care stakeholders

3. To support the sector to implement the CHSP and other aged care reforms, and to provide feedback to and from the Commonwealth.

4. To support CHSP providers to deliver quality services which are responsive to client needs, including special needs groups.

The SCAP Activity Work Plan for 2015-17 is here.

For further information please contact
Debra Anderson, HACC Collaborative Project Officer
phone: 8563 8414
mobile: 0400 439 762

Click here to download the SCAP Terms of Reference.

Committee and Working Group information:

Executive Committee
Chair: Craig Stanbridge
Phone: (08) 8565 8100

Minutes from meetings are available below.

11 April 2013; 9 May 2013; 27 June 2013; 25 July 2013; 22 Aug 2013; 28 Nov 2013; 6 Feb 2014; 22 MAY 2014; 24 JULY 2014; 30 OCT 2014; 26 FEB 2015; 10 SEPT 2015; 8 DEC 2015; 18 FEB 2016; 26 MAY 2016; 25 AUG 2016

RAS/MAC Troubleshooting Working Group

This group commenced meeting in January 2016 and will meet once every 3 monthson the third Thursday.

The objectives of the Group are:

• To develop closer ties between service providers and RAS providers in the region which results in a more efficient and effective assessment and referral process.
• To gain a better understanding of the services available in the region, and to identify any gaps.
• To exchange ideas about service needs in the region.
• To be informed about program changes to CHSP and MAC and general updates regarding Aged Care Reform.
• To identify issues that are impacting on effective service delivery and, where possible, to resolve them at the regional level.
• To identify unresolvable issues to be communicated to the Department of Health via the Collaborative Project Officer.

Minutes from meetings are available below:

28 JAN 2016; 28 APRIL 2016; 28 JULY 2016

Consumer Engagement & Participation Working Group
Chair: Lynette Seccafien
Phone: (08) 8527 0200 
More information available here

Minutes from meetings are available below.

21 May 2013; 18 June 2013;  15 July 201319 Aug 2013; 18 Nov 2013; 16 Dec 201317 Feb 2014;

17 March 2014; 28 April 2014; 19 May 2014; 16 June 2014; 14 July 2014; 29 July 2014; 18 Aug 2014; 16 Sept 2014; 28 Oct 2014; 2 Dec 2014; 17 Feb 2015; 17 March 2015; 19 May 2015; 16 June 2015; 21 July 2015; 15 Sept 2015; 20 October 2015; 24 Nov 2105; 16 Feb 2016; 19 APRIL 2016; 21 JUNE 2016; 19 JULY 2016; 

Gawler & Surrounds Healthy Ageing Network (GASHAN) (formerly Home Support and Home Care Packages Working Group)
Chair: Rotates
More information available here

Minutes from meetings are available below.

28 March 2013; 24 July 2013; 25 Sept 2013; 27 Nov 2013; 26 Feb 2014; 7 MAY 2014; 25 JUNE 2014; 27 AUGUST 2014; 22 OCTOBER 2014; 28 JANUARY 2015; 25 MARCH 2015; 27 MAY 2015; 22 JULY 2015; 23 SEPTEMBER 2015; 25 NOVEMBER 2015; 17 FEBRUARY2016; 20 APRIL 2016; 22 JUNE 2016; 24 AUG 2016

SCAP Dementia Task Force

Dementia Community Information Forum

Minutes from meetings are available below.

22 MAY 2014; 23 JUNE 2014; 6 AUG 2014; 3 SEPTEMBER 2014; 1 OCTOBER 2014; 21 OCTOBER 2014

SCAP Dementia Awareness Month Activities 2016

Pop-Up Expo Roadshow:

Itineraries for: 20th and 22nd September 2016

Community Information Session:

Memory & Ageing Wednesday 21st September, 2016 at 10:30am

Nuriootpa Library Display: 19-30 September 2016

Dementia Friendly Communities 

Changing Minds Dinner Monday 19th September, 2016 at 6:00pm at the Vine Inn

Project Forum

The SCAP Forum is an open group and consists of senior representatives from key regional stakeholders, regional service providers and chairs of SCAP Working Groups.
Role of SCAP Forum:
To facilitate a coordinated regional approach which contributes to the planning and delivery of community care services, at the local level, for the Commonwealth HACC target group, including:

  • identifying service gaps, directions and priorities for service reform.
  • facilitating the development, implementation and evaluation of specific local service delivery strategies.
  • engaging in Project activities that address the transition to Commonwealth HACC and other Aged Care Reforms.

Project Forum minutes are available below.

March 2013June 2013; September 2013; March 2014; 12 JUNE 2014; 25 SEPTEMBER 2014; 9 APRIL 2015

Training and Development

SCAP organises training and development for aged care providers, for staff and independent contractors.

Click on the links below for information about the latest T & D opportunity.

Wellness Practice for Support Workers & Volunteers - CHSP : 24/02/16

Supporting Family Carers Workshop 30/8/16

Ageing in Style Expos

Access to information about aged care services and other goods and services that enhance quality of life for older people is a major need for consumers in the region.  To address this, the Seniors Collaborative Action Project (SCAP)   is organising a series of expos for seniors.  Building on the success of past Expo events, and using a collaborative approach to maximise availability of resources, over the coming year SCAP will roll out an Ageing in Style Expo in each of the four council areas covered by the SCAP region. 

As they did last year, Barossa, Gawler, Light and Mallala Council areas will each host one Expo in 2016, with service providers, community groups and businesses coming from near and far to be involved.

The SCAP won the District Council of Mallala 2015 Australia Day Award for “Community Event of the Year”.

Dates for the four Ageing in Style Expos in 2016 across the SCAP region are below.  Click on the date for the poster which will be upoaded approximately 1 month before each event.





Thursday March 17, 2016



Kapunda Soldiers Memorial Hall

Friday May 20, 2016


Hewett Centre


Thursday August 18, 2016


Mallala Institute


Thursday October 27, 2016


Nuriootpa Sports & Function Centre (Nuri Football Clubrooms)


Advance Care Directive Community Information Forum

The new Advanced Care Directive replaces the exisitng Enduring Power of Guardianship, Medical Power of Attorney and Anticipatory Direction with a single Advance Care Directive Form. The Collaborative projects have partnered with the Office for the Public Advocate and will be rolling out information sessions across the regions.  SCAP has organised a Forum each in Gawler and Nuriootpa on April 23, 2015.  Details here.

Advanced Care Directive kits are available in all of thelibrary branches across the SCAP region ,and at Servies SA office in Gawler, for a cost of $5, or they canbe downloaded for free from here:

SCAP Submissions

SCAP has prepared a regional response to a number of discussion papers.

CHSP Manual 2014

National Fees Policy 2015

CHSP Programme Manual 2015 & Good Practice Guide for Restorative Care Approaches

SCAP Response to Designing the New Integrated Carer Support Service

Other Collaborative Projects in SA

SCAP is one of 12 Collaborative Projects operating in SA.  Contact details for other projects can be found here.