Community Land Register and Management Plans

What is Community Land?

The Local Government Act defines community land as land (other than roads) owned by Council or under Council's care, control and management. 

The Act places obligations and responsibilities on Council's community land for the current and future benefit of the community.

The Barossa Council's Community Land Register 

Click here to view the entire Community Land Register which lists all the land parcels which Council owns or manages.

For user convenience, our Community Land Register is also divided by categories of land:  

Council Reserves and Gardens (Developed)

Council Reserves and Gardens (Undeveloped or with Minor Improvements)

Recreation Reserves

Institutes and Community Halls

Car Park Land

Cemetery Land

Established Trails, Walkways and Bikeways

Talunga Village

Council manages the above community land parcels through its 8 Community Land Management Plans.

What is a Community Land Management Plan? (CLMP)

A CLMP provides a framework for Council to maintain and develop its community land to maximise its use by the community for recreational and leisure activities. Each plan contains the following information:

  • Identity of the land and the owner
  • Purpose for which it is held
  • Objectives, policies and proposals of how the land is managed
  • Performance targets and the measurement of performance against objectives and targets
  • Nature of any trust, dedication or restriction
  • Any requirement placed on the land by the owner.

A CLMP should be consistent with Council/Government policies, plans and development of the land.

The Barossa Council's Community Land Management  Plans

Plan 1 - Council Reserves and Gardens (Developed)

Plan 2 - Council Reserves and Gardens (Undeveloped or with Minor Improvements)

Plan 3 - Recreation Reserves

Plan 4 - Institutes and Community Halls

Plan 5 - Car Park Land

Plan 6 - Cemetery Land

Plan 7 - Established Trails, Walkways and Bikeways

Plan 8 - Talunga Village