Preparing Yourself and Your Property

Prepare Now For The Fire Danger Season

Are You Bushfire Ready?

Fire Danger Season in the Mount Lofty Ranges is expected to begin on 1 December 2017 and last until midnight on 30 April 2018.

Photo Credit:  CFS Promotions Unit

Know your risk  -  Prepare your property  -  Reduce flammable vegetation  -  Prepare a Bushfire Survival Plan

There are several ways in which a house can burn during a bushfire—radiant heat ahead of the fire front, burning debris and embers falling on the building and direct flame contact.

Research has shown that the biggest cause is sparks and embers landing on or near your home that can trigger a fire well before and for hours after the bushfire has passed.

Property owners must be bushfire ready.  Being bushfire ready means having a bushfire action plan and knowing whether you would go early or stay and defend your property in the event of a fire.

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More information on bushfire action plans and tips to protect your property can be obtained from the CFS website

Alternatively, contact Council’s Fire Prevention Officers on 8563 8444.