Cooling Towers & Warm Water Systems

Cooling towers and warm water systems have been linked with the transmission of Legionnaires Disease which may in the worst case be fatal or at least, a serious and debilitating disease.

The Legionella organism multiplies at temperatures ranging from 20-45°C, with maximum growth occurring at between 32-43°C.  They can survive freezing but are killed with increasing rapidity as temperatures exceed 45°C. Survival time decreases from hours at 50°C to minutes at 60°C, while at 70°C the organism is destroyed almost immediately. 

It is important that the operators of cooling towers and warm water systems install, operate and maintain the systems in a clean condition at all times in accordance with the Australian Standard AS3666 1-3 Air Handling and Water Systems in Buildings.

Legionnaires disease reducing the risk at home Public Health Fact Sheet


Further Information

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