Event Applications

Events at community facilities are managed in accordance with Council's Event Management Policy.

To hire any Council facility please download and complete the appropriate event application form:

Event Application Form

For Facility Hire that does not involve:

  • Road Closure/s
  • Amusement Devices – such as jumping castles or side show rides where the platform height is greater than 3 metres
  • Any security requirements as determine by Liquor Licence conditions
  • Animals
  • Fireworks
  • Erection of buildings or structures

Facility Hire Form

Required Notification Periods:

Event Application Form

Council requires a minimum of 3 weeks’ notice. If your event will be regular or recurring, you will require a Facility Licence Agreement. Please contact Council.

Temporary Structures

Council can require 4 months’ notice for applications for temporary structures.

Road Closures (Council Road)

Council requires a minimum of 3 months’ notice where events impact on roads and road reserves.

Sale of Food & Amenities

Council requires at least 4 weeks’ notice for health and hygiene requirements relating to food and amenities.


Council requires a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice


Council requires a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice

Facilities and dates not formally booked until event application approved.

In some instances, Event Organisers may be eligible for a Event Application - Fee Discount, please complete the following form and submit with your event application.


For more information on the facilities, assistance with completing an application and to check availability, please contact our Customer Support Team on 8563 8444.