Youth Sponsorship


Youth Sponsorship Grants

The Barossa Council has committed funds to assist local young people (aged 18 years and under who reside The Barossa Council area) who have excelled in their particular sport/cultural/recreational activity and have been selected for State or National representation or an individual that has been selected for significant development opportunity as a result of excellence in a particular field (eg sporting, cultural or recreational activities).

The upper limit of funding for Youth Sponsorships is $100. Youth Sponsorship Requests applications remain open all year round and are assessed by the Community Assistance Scheme Committee.

Please download the sponsorship guidelines and application forms for further information > < Youth Grant Application Form.pdf >


2013 Other Youth Sponsorships and Support 

Youth Services has also sponsored several Youth Programs and Organisations in 2013/2014 such as:

  • The Barossa chapter of Operation Flinders.  A South Australian based charitable organisation that runs a world leading wilderness adventure program for young people at risk. The program takes participants between the age of 14 and 18 years on an eight day exercise in the far northern Flinders Ranges, providing an opportunity for its participants to break away from their past and grow as valued members of the community. 
  • Australian Business Week
  • Creative Souls – SALA Exhibition
  • Drum Beat Program – Nuri High School
  • Cambodia Trip – Young People Travelling to Cambodia
  • Unearth Program – A pilot resilience through Music Program for Barossa Schools – Years 7 and Year 8 Students attending school in the Valley.


Previous Years Youth Sponsorships and Support 

  • The Barossa chapter of Operation Flinders
  • Australian Business Week
  • Creative Souls – SALA Exhibition
  • Skate Park Workshops for young People


External Sponsorship Opportunities