Internal Review of Decisions

The Barossa Council and its delegates make decisions every day which impact on members of the community.  It is imperative that these decisions are fair, objective and subject to review. 

As part of Council’s commitment to open, responsive and accountable government, it provides the framework below where parties adversely affected by a decision of Council or its delegates can have their grievances considered in a fair and consistent way.

Council will always aim to settle a complaint at first instance and informally, and failing resolution, then through its Customer Service Policy and Complaint Handling Process.

If the Complaint Handling Process is not able to address the complaint to the customer's satisfication, the customer may escalate the matter further and seek an internal review of the decision by the CEO or the Elected Body (depending on the nature of the complaint). In this case, the customer should refer to the following for guidance:

Internal Review of Council Decisions Policy

Internal Review of Council Decision Process

Before you lodge an application under the Internal Review of Council Decision framework, it is recommended that you contact Council's Governance Advisor via email at: or 8563 8444 to discuss the process and timelines.

Should you wish to lodge an application, after reading the above policy and process please provide the following:

 your application in writing

  • addressed to the Internal Review Contact Officer c/o
  • full details of the decision for which you are seeking a review (including how the decision impacts on your rights and/or interests) and set out clearly the reasons for applying for the review
  • the date of the decision for which you are seeking a review as your application must be lodged within 6 months of the original decision being made. However, there is a discretion for the Chief Executive Officer or Council to allow a longer time limit to apply in particular cases.

 There is no fee to request an internal review of a Council decision.