Barossa Be Consumed Campaign changes the face of tourism in the region

The Barossa Council – Barossa Visitor Information Centre and Tourism Barossa continue to celebrate the impact of the multi-award winning Barossa Be Consumed campaign on tourism visitation and spend in the region.

Prior to the Launch of the campaign in June 2013 overall visitation had been in decline over a long period of time. A number of factors can be attributed to this decline including global financial crisis, and the cost of living pressures and the Australian dollar. 

“In addition to these factors, competition from new and emerging wine regions  that have cropped up around the major cities of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth  has impacted the regions visitation,” said Chris Pfeiffer, chairperson of Tourism Barossa.

Barossa Visitor Information Centre Manager, Jo Seabrook said, “Since the launch of the campaign in May/June last year, the decline has well and truly halted and as a result, tourism confidence, throughout our region, has received a significant boost.

“The Barossa VIC is often the first port of call for visitors travelling to the Barossa, or thinking of travelling to the Barossa, and recent figures indicate the tourists are still coming.

“In 2013-14 Council’s Barossa Visitor Centre experienced a 17.5% increase in enquiries and a 30% increase in sales on the previous year.

“What is even more exciting is that the trend is continuing this financial year, with August sales up by 86%, September up by 76% and October up by 38% on pre Barossa Be Consumed campaign figures.

“Barossa tourism operators are working hard to maximise the full potential of the Barossa Be Consumed campaign with some really great results.

“Our centre is one of the most visited in the State and awarded the best information outlet three years in a row at the State Tourism Awards.  Council has invested significantly in tourism related services and infrastructure to keep the visitors coming and to maximise the economic benefit and spend for the benefit of the whole region.”

Cathy Wills, Regional Tourism Manager acknowledges the importance of tourism, revealing it is a $153 million business for the Barossa region.

“Our core business is to facilitate the development of diverse experiences and attractions within our region, and to promote these to potential visitors.  South Australian Tourism Commission’s ‘Barossa Be Consumed campaign’ has provided a marvellous promotional platform for tourism operators in the Barossa, and the visitor response to this has been extraordinary,” said Cathy.

*value of tourism in the Barossa (3 year annual average to June 2014 from SATC Tourism Research*