Council acts on Little Corellas

Council will soon begin its program for the management of Little Corellas in affected areas.

Large flocks of Little Corellas are known to flock in populated areas throughout summer, causing widespread damage and nuisance to the community.

The program will involve the use of flashing lights, high powered torches, starting pistols and the culling of a small number of birds in affected areas to unsettle the flocks and disperse their community.

SA Police have been informed of the program.

The University of South Australia is currently undertaking a research project on Little Corellas to collect data to inform the future development of a state-wide management strategy.

Residents experiencing problems caused by flocks of Little Corellas are encouraged to complete an online survey by visiting

Further information is available by clicking on the Little Corellas page on our website  here, phoning 8563 8444 or visiting