Council intensifies Little Corellas control measures

Council will step up its management program to control the recent increase in Little Corella flocks in and around Nuriootpa.

Council has invested significant resources in recent months monitoring, tracking and deterring flocks of little corellas across the region. However the birds continue to return to Nuriootpa to roost, causing widespread damage and frustrating residents, business owners and community groups.

“Given the sensitive nature of the matter, there has been a reluctance to use firearms close to residential areas and populated public spaces, which is why we have been working with property owners to limit the birds’ access to water and food,” said Council’s Director Development and Environmental Services, Ian Baldwin.

“Unfortunately there has been a level of resistance to the idea that birds are attracted to sites which have available water. This, together with the seasonal availability of fresh food sources, may have resulted in a large flock returning to a site in Nuriootpa during the day.”

With non-invasive avenues exhausted, Council officers will intensify their activities involving the use of loud noises in townships via starting pistols and firearms or even the culling of a small number of birds to unsettle and disperse their community.

Councils reminds  residents and property owners that Little Corellas are not protected and can be legally destroyed by landowners on their private property. However, landowners need to be aware that Long-Billed Corellas also flock with Little Corellas. These birds have a close resemblance to the Little Corella and must not be destroyed without a permit.

Council favours a state-wide approach to deal with this recurring and seasonal problem and will continue to liaise with stakeholders in a bid to manage the little corella issue wholistically.