Dog park locations endorsed

The Barossa Council has  endorsed two dog park locations in the north and south of the region.

Council also agreed to accept $100,000 in State Government funding to fund construction of the parks.

The Northern Dog Park will be located on Penrice Road, opposite the Nuriootpa High School Oval, while the Southern Dog Park will be located at Williamstown Queen Victoria Jubilee Park, adjacent but separate to the existing playground.

The parks are expected to be completed by the end of the current financial year, providing no negative feedback from nearby residents is received.

Both parks will include fencing, water sources, drinking fountain, double gates with self-closing locks, bins and signage – key elements supported by the community during community consultation earlier this year.

Each dog park is expected to cost around $55,500, in addition to annual maintenance and servicing costs.

Construction of the parks is expected to be staged, with potential future additions such as seating and shade supplemented by community effort.

The northern and southern locations were determined following extensive consultation with interested community members as well as dog registration data in townships and site inspections.

Mayor Bim Lange thanked community representatives for their contribution during the consultation and design phases.

“Community members have indicated they would be satisfied with a simple design that includes a fenced area, bins, gates and access to water, and that’s what we have been able to deliver,” Mayor Lange said.

In the event there of negative feedback from nearby residents, a further report will return to a future Council meeting.