Grand Cru Estate

Contrary to reports circulating in relation to Grand Cru Estate, Council is not attempting to ‘close down’ this operation.  Council has been attending to a number of compliance matters with the owners for some years to ensure that legislative requirements are met.

At present Council is working through issues associated with liquor licensing requirements to ensure their current operations can continue.

An application was also made to expand their current operations, however, the information provided by the owners of Grand Cru in relation to their application did not satisfy relevant requirements within Council’s Development Plan and could not be supported by the Development Assessment Panel on multiple grounds, including noise, amenity, traffic and other negative impacts. This application is now the subject of a court appeal by the owners and is beyond Council’s authority.

However, Council continues to assist wherever possible to find a solution for a proposal to expand the operation of their facility, ensure compliance with relevant local and state legislation, and mitigate negative impact on local amenity and the surrounding locality.

In the meantime Grand Cru has the authority to continue trading within approved conditions.