Kalbeeba Infill Investigations Study

The Barossa Council is exploring the potential for infill development within an existing rural living area and potential options for an undeveloped area at Kalbeeba. 

Council is undertaking the study, because over the past few years requests have been received from owners to either rezone their land or to relax existing policies to allow smaller lots.  

Throughout the study, there will be several opportunities for landholders to be involved including through one-on-one discussions with Council staff, where owners can pass on information, provide ideas and thoughts; as well as an open session, and the opportunity to provide comments on a draft strategy. 

Council looks forward to the involvement and input from landholders in the study area. 

For more information about the Kalbeeba Infill Investigations study click here

Further details about the information session and when the draft strategy for comment is released will be provided in due course.  In the meantime contact Council for more information: