Land swap process upheld

A complaint by two members of the public about Council’s handling of the Chateau Tanunda land swap has been assessed by the Ombudsman.

The State Ombudsman declined to investigate further, concluding that in light of the evidence “it does not appear to me that the Council has possibly acted in a way that is unlawful, unreasonable or wrong within the meaning of the Ombudsman Act”.

His findings follow an independent, external review which found Council’s process to revoke the community land classification was legally and procedurally correct, and that the decision was open to Council to make and the best and/or preferable decision.

Council is now finalising the work required for the land swap to support the Barossa Regional Culture Hub and facilitate an international five star hotel. The development is expected to create around 100 jobs.

Please refer below for the full determination of the Ombudsman.

Ombudsman Report 1

Ombudsman Report 2