Tree removal on Memorial Drive, Williamstown

Council value the significant trees we have in our region and recognise the amenity and benefit they bring. However, the safety of the community is also paramount.

In late December a large Blue Gum tree located adjacent to the car park on Memorial Drive, Williamstown dropped a significant branch which temporarily blocked access along Memorial Avenue. Aborist assessment at this time indicated that the branch failure appeared to have occured due to stress related decline and the tree underwent reduction pruning with the hope that it may recover. Subsequent aborist assessment unfortunatley indicated a high likelihood for further failures for a number of reasons. Using an individual Quantified Tree Risk Assessment the arborist assessed the size of limbs likely to fall and what they may fall onto (such as pedestrians and/or vehicles) and therefore concluded that the tree posed an unacceptable risk. Subsequently the tree has been removed.

As Council are committed to the continued greening within the region a three year street tree maintenance program has been underway since last year in which main street trees are being audited in order to maintain, remove and replace trees, in some cases with more suitable species.