Unsealed Roads Grading Program Delays

Due to unseasonably extended dry weather there will be some delays in grading unsealed roads around the region.

For the safety of all road users please slow down and drive to the conditions when travelling on unsealed roads.

The Summer season often creates delays in grading for a short period, however, the start of 2019 has been much drier than usual. Without moisture in the road material it becomes very dusty and 'fluffy' which causes issues with compaction. In turn, these loose materials blow out and potholes and corrugations can quickly return.

Grading with the water cart is an interim measure, which we use only when necessary in order to preserve resources, and generally only keeps dust down while the grading occurs as this method doesn't supply enough moisture for longer term results.

    Sufficient continuous rainfall is required to catch up on outstanding grading work, however, as this occurs Council will have staff working weekends in order to maximise the moisture (before there is then too much rain), utilise different grader blades which will penetrate deeper over potholes and corrugation. It is estimated that it could take up to 3 months to catch up on this work.