Vision for Tanunda Recreation Park

The Tanunda Recreation Park Masterplan will be updated based on extensive community feedback.

Council received 47 formal submissions and a further 79 comments at town shows and public events across the region.

At the March Council meeting Council resolved to update the Masterplan to ensure sporting interests are balanced with the needs of other recreational users and the general community.

Proposed changes include:

  • Embedding the vision and objectives for the development of the Park precinct into the Masterplan
  • Relocating the proposed main Park entrance away from Park Street and reviewing traffic flows into and inside the Park
  • A review and update of the tree management plan
  • Strategies to reduce any impact of the relocated Bilyara Road playground on neighbouring residents
  • Inclusion of non-sporting recreational representatives on the Tanunda Recreation Park Committee

Proposed changes to the Masterplan will return to Council for final approval and have regard for input from affected residents.

Council’s Community Project Director, Joanne Thomas, said it was clear from the consultation that the Park continues to be a much-loved community asset.

“We saw a consistent theme around preserving the amenity of the Park and retaining quality green open space for non-sporting recreational purposes as well as traditional sporting uses,” she said.

“Embedding these principles into the Masterplan will ensure the Park continues to fulfil its role as a valued community asset as well as an important sporting precinct.”

The next stage of the project will see detailed design and feasibility as part of The Big Project being undertaken by Council on a region-wide basis.

More information about The Big Project is available here