Enrolling to Vote

Almost everyone over 18 living, owning or leasing property in a Council area can be eligible to vote.

You must be enrolled on the Council voters roll to be able to vote. You are eligible to vote if you are:

  • 18 years of age or over on or before the close of voting; and
  • a resident in teh Council area. You do not have to own a house or property to enrol to vote - tenants have those rights too.
  • Owners of property who are not residents, including body corporates or groups, also have entitlements to enrol to vote.




How do I get on the Council Voters Roll?

You will automatically appear of the Council voters roll and receive a postal ballot pack if you are:

  • already on the State Electoral roll (House of Assembly Roll), which means you vote in State Government elections;
  • However if you have changed address, postal adress or name recently and hoave not changed your enrolment details you will need to do this now!

If you need to enrol or change your address, fill out an enroment or change of address form for the State Electoral Roll at any Post Office or Electoral Office or visit the ECSA website  for further information. You can also contact Council's Customer Service team on 8563 8444.

Organisations, business owners or occupiers

Organisation, business ownwers or occupiers are required to nominate a designated person to cote on their behalf who is a natural person and of or above 18 years of age.

If you are unsure whether you are on the Council voters roll, contact Council's Customer Service team on 8563 8444.

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